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Market Update Webinar w/ Kevin Headland

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October 12, 2022

On Tuesday, October 11th I had the pleasure to welcome Manulife’s Co-Chief Investment Strategist, Kevin Headland.

As co-chief investment strategist, Kevin has a range of responsibilities, from market and economic analysis to investor education. He analyzes and interprets the economy and markets on behalf of Manulife Investment Management and works with the portfolio management teams to provide clients and advisors with guidance and commentary on strategies, and asset allocation weightings. Kevin is often featured on BNN to discuss his teams work and thought leadership so it was an honour hosting him.

Personally, Kevin and his team have been an incredible resource to me throughout my career. His teams work and insight have certainly helped with the content and conversations I have with clients every day. 2022 has been an incredibly challenging year for investors in both equity and bond markets. You can point to Inflation, Interest Rates, Supply and Labour Shortages, Geopolitical tensions, Recession fears, etc. and any investor may feel a sense of paralysis. To help make sense of this, Kevin discusses his teams market outlook as we go into the fourth quarter and into the new year, in addition he touches on some potential opportunities and risks before closing out with a Q&A.

To access the webinar click the link below. Once the screen pops up be sure to click download near the top of the screen, and then watch. Hope you find the webinar insightful and of value.

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