“You Retire Once… I Help People Retire Everyday”
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Aaron Pedlar
Aaron Pedlar, HBA, CHS, PFA

The founder of Pedlar Financial, Aaron Pedlar, obtained his degree in BA in Finance and Economics from St. Ambrose University (Davenport, Iowa). Having obtained extensive training and a passion for continuous learning, Aaron has quickly established himself as one of the top financial professionals in the area.

With over 10 years of industry experience, I understand the importance of educating clients by constructing them a detailed and personalized strategy to take control of their financial future and implement the solutions necessary to reach their goals.

Regardless if you’re  just getting started in your career, on the brink of retirement or somewhere in between it is never too late to take control of your financial future.

“You Retire Once… I Help People Retire Everyday”

Bogey, Director of Greetings

Bogey joined the team in 2018 and was given the distinct title of D.O.G, Director of Greetings. He has a fantastic memory and loves to meet clients at the door and show them around the office. Although he is here at the office on a full time schedule his work duties are limited to greeting people allowing ample time for naps.

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