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Independence means Freedom of Choice

Working with an Independent broker means freedom of choice for our clients.

With thousands of financial products on the market, tracking down the right one can be a time-consuming, costly experience.  The increase in marketing strategies over the years have been directed to capture your attention, and in general, are nothing short of mis-information. They all sound good for you, but do you really understand where their products stand up against others?  

Marketing material piles through our mail, falls out of our newspapers, and is ever present on the television, internet and social media.  Financial institutions are increasing their direct sales approach with financial product offerings and special promotions – are they right for you?  How can you be sure?  With long term saving products such as investments, pensions and other areas such as insurance, it’s not so easy. These come in various types and amounts so you will need to be aware of which best suits your needs, whether there are better alternatives and the level of risk involved.

You could turn to your friends, your family or your local bank for advice.  But only an independent financial advisor is able to offer you unbiased advice on products across the whole market.  Any other route will offer you limited choices.  Experience shows that when the choices are clearly explained, people recognize the value of independent financial advice.

Aaron Pedlar of Sterling Mutuals carries a wide assortment of NON-PROPRIETARY, best in class financial products & services that allow truly unbiased, conflict-free advice and recommendations that my clients can expect to receive.

Aaron Pedlar – the person behind the successful investor

Sterling Mutuals Inc. – the people behind the successful advisor

Solutions and recommendations are provided because they are simply the best in the market for you. Instead of being tied to a single brand and offer a limited range of products, I have individual relationships with a vast amount of suppliers ranging from investment firms, banks and insurance companies so that my clients can have access to the best solutions available in the market saving you both time, money and providing peace of mind.

Your best advice is always non-biased advice. That is what I can guarantee when working with an Independent Financial Advisor.

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