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Investing Strategy for Down Markets

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October 3, 2022

When equity markets are down it is perfectly normal for investors to get gun shy about putting new money work. In hindsight, we often find ourselves looking at historical performance and think to ourselves "if I only put money or more money to work during that period" but in the heat of the moment, we often make decision based off emotions and in turn become paralyzed to do what is the right move for our long term investment approach.

If groceries were marked down 20% at your local supermarket, people would probably be lined up around the block to buy them. Yet many people don't feel that way when stock prices fall. When you purchase stocks and other securities during a down market, it can be like buying them on sale. 

Dollar-cost averaging is a simple strategy that can help investors stay on track with their investing goals over the long run. But it can be a particularly effective strategy during down markets—both by countering the emotional resistance many people feel to investing when markets are down, and by potentially letting investors purchase shares at a discount. 

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