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How Do Presidential Elections Impact the Market?

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June 5, 2024

Election Day 2024 is now just 22 weeks away, so expect things to heat up on the political front as each week passes between now and November 5th. As of today, former President Trump is now up by more than 10 points on President Biden in the head-to-head, while the GOP is just under 7 points ahead of the Democratic party in the generic. For up-to-date data, check out www.electionbettingodds.com

We will continue to monitor these odds regularly to see how the consensus and the narrative shifts over the next few months. Something tells me there will be quite a bit of volatility in expectations between now and the first Tuesday of November.

As an investor, are you wondering how the presidential election could affect your investments? Every four years, uncertainty about the next president and their policies leads to more uncertainty in the minds of investors. 2024 is no exception, given the election will likely  be a rematch between the last two presidents. I created this guide to answer the most commonly asked questions that investors have during an election year.

The findings contained in this guide are purely data-driven and do not  serve as investment advice.

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